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After the fumes have cleared...

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  • For the most part the big news police raids are finished and the majority of bad press has passed like so many emission tests. What remains now is the usual passing of blame and burrowing for facts that goes alongside any heavily reported issue like this.

    For VW it was the perfect storm. Exposed as lying to your customers, damaging the environment and in some cases potentially damaging innocent people’s health is quite a list of charges. With diesel fumes being proved to be carcinogenic and global warming high on the agenda, VW have faced threats of all kinds, be that legal action or worse. Having already seen one CEO resignation, what’s next for VW?
    One thing is for sure, there is a boat-load of consequence lying in wait for the individuals who get the blame for the scandal. The internal VW investigation will be a huge task spanning many territories and across many different divisions of the business.

    Inevitably in business any decision will leave a digital trail. As a result it won’t be long before both these organisations find their email under scrutiny. What both companies will quickly find is that investigators and auditors alike can be impatient people. Without an excellent search and retrieval tool things will quickly start to heat up.

    Cryoserver has seen huge popularity amongst its customers to secure archiving, data compression and, in particular, search and retrieval. Thanks to its origins in the financial and professional services sector it ticks all the boxes in terms of audit trails and email security and has proven popular both in the boardroom where reputation is a key issue and in IT where email review can be a very time consumer process.
    With Cryoserver that retrieval is instant. Individual users, rather than IT teams, can jump into their personal email quickly whilst privileged user access offers a speedy search process across multiple email accounts and through multiple parameters. Critically searchers are held accountable with mandatory auditing process as standard to keep things fair. What’s more Cryoserver emails, unlike PST files that can be edited, are admissible in court, hence the forensic tag.
    Where investigations are concerned there are few solutions that provide the same scale and detail of search, confidence in results and admissibility of evidence. By using Cryoserver VW and their emissions testers could be sure, within minutes, whether the terms they searched for were ever sent or received on their mail server and focus their investigation down.

    Shareholders have paid the price to date as the brand suffers. The question companies should consider is how well placed they are to monitor staff– interactions. And how long it would take them to get to the root of a major reputational issue.

    Speak to Mimi Davies at Central to find out more.

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