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We deliver integrated IT solutions for business

Central offers more than IT services and consulting. We work to become your partners in digital technology; collaborating with your business on all aspects of IT scoping and integration.
With our help, you can enhance your operations and secure a sustainable future for your business.


Transform your IT strategy with intelligent solutions tailored to your requirements.
Our consultants work alongside your business; pinpointing your needs and collaborating on your objectives.

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Deploy the tools you need today to enhance your business operations.
Our cutting-edge software and expert front-end services empower your employees to become significantly more productive – and customer responsive.

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Your service is only as robust as the architecture that support it.
We deliver the infrastructure to store, manage, access and analyse data effectively. By delivering solutions tailored to your needs we enable intelligent investment in systems that future-proof your business.

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Business continuity, risk and reputation management is only an issue – when its an issue.
From hacking to forensic email management, mobile security to full disaster recovery solutions, we ensure your business is sustainable and secure.

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Why work with us

  • Business Orientated

    We bridge the gap between the back-end and the boardroom, delivering technology that works for your business, in a language your team understands. Central goes beyond your outsourcing needs, seeking strategic solutions that deliver on your objectives and facilitate business integration.

  • Independent

    We put you and your business first, from the recommendations we make to the way we manage your account. Central values every clients, and works hard to earn the trust of them as partners. That’s just the way we do business and it has worked for us for 25 years.

  • Performance-Driven

    We don’t believe in technology for the sake of it. Central always focuses on the end result powered by IT, helping your business systems become more effective and efficient. We’re constantly seeking ways to enhance productivity, reduce costs, and utilise resources better.

  • Problem Solvers

    We listen to your needs and review the market thoroughly before making recommendations. Central considers today’s needs and tomorrow’s demands. We take a long view of your requirements, focusing on business resilience and safeguarding your systems with precautions such as disaster recovery.

  • Innovators

    Innovation is driven by results. We pioneer solutions that transform businesses, and have defined the digital evolution of the medical, legal and housing sectors. From IaaS [Infrastructure as a Service] to workforce mobilisation, we champion those technologies with the potential to help our clients.

  • Responsible

    We’re socially and environmentally responsible, playing an active role in the local community and doing our bit to reduce carbon emissions. A sustainable company that invests in the future, Central is a good business to do business with.

  • Central's depth of experience … coupled with a focus on business deliverables, particularly maximising productivity and enabling access, gave them the edge. IT Manager, Two Saints

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