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Your service is only as robust as the architecture that support it.
We deliver the infrastructure to store, manage, access and analyse data effectively. By delivering solutions tailored to your needs we enable intelligent investment in systems that future-proof your business.

  • Enable your business

    Flexibility and elasticity are key challenges faced by fast moving businesses today. Introduce the increasing complexity of systems and resourcing becomes a third challenge.

    Central believes all of these represent opportunities. Cloud based systems introduce flexibility of location whilst compute solutions deliver immediate elasticity. Meanwhile expert resource can be delivered through outsourcing to our Service Desk backed by database administrators and engineers.

    The benefits can be felt in both cap-ex, as unecessary hardware cost is taken out of the system, and op-ex as systems are reviewed and streamlined, data costs minimised and on-demand computing introduced.

    enable your business
  • Leading in cloud

    Cloud computing and virtualisation are changing the way in which we work, sell and consume. Organisations that fail to innovative risk being left behind as service quality suffers and IT continues to drain budget rather than enhance productivity.

    With half a decade of cloud and hybrid solution delivery under its corporate belt, Central understands the technical and cultural challenges that infrastructure projects can present, which is why we facilitate fast, smooth and effective transitions first time every time.

    Alongside peace of mind that secure scaleable systems provide comes significant cost savings with one of our clients enjoying a 38% saving from a full cloud migration in year one.

    leading in cloud
  • Outsourced Service Desk

    A net result of increasingly sophisticated systems, and pressures headcount is rapid growth in the take up of our ServiceDesk. More than 100 clients from SMEs to large public sector organisations now rely on Central to deliver their 1st to 3rd line service support.

    They recognise the growing challenge – and cost – of recruiting and retaining in-house expertise across multiple systems and providing effective 24/7/365 cover.

    Central’s ITIL best practice, ISO27001 accredited ServiceDesk and national network of engineers deliver industry leading first time fix rates. Remote management and diagnostics, early alert systems, multi-channel user access, license tracking and review cycle – make outsourcing a compelling solution.

    outsourced service desk
  • Explore our services

    • First line service desk
    • Third line Service Desk
    • Engineering resource [per diem or project]
    • Database Management Services
    • Remote monitoring solutions
    • Infrastructure scoping and installation including LAN/WAN, WiFi, Servers & Storage, Virtualisation
    • Cloud provision: Compute/IaaS, Rental & Hybrid, DaaS, BaaS, DRaaS

    Some of our partners include Welldata, OPS View, Nagyos, Ark, Pulsant, Zen, Dell, Fujitsu, EpoE

    explore our services
  • Intelligent business alignment

    Our digital architects take an holistic view of your requirements and constantly challenge our partners to innovate where it counts.

    We apply our expertise to ensure sound specification, installation and management of leased and owned hardware systems. Our turnkey solutions are aligned to your IT and finance departments, C-suite business planners and client-facing teams.

    From storage and cabling to developing and supporting data centres, we scope and optimise your services to ensure effective resource allocation.

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