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Business continuity, risk and reputation management is only an issue – when its an issue.
From hacking to forensic email management, mobile security to full disaster recovery solutions, we ensure your business is sustainable and secure.

  • Ensure your business continuity

    Adequate business protection is about much more than business continuity. It is about your hard earned reputation and business is under ever more intensive scrutiny. So we cover a little bit more than the usual.

    We start with data protection considering firewalls and filtering. We then consider the human element at the point of interaction from forensic email review to device security. And finally we look to your software and systems.

    We protect your data ensuring that your business is up and running even when your headquarters aren’t. And finally we recognise that this is not a one off job. From PenTesting to full Disaster Recovery Scenario enactment, we ensure that the system works – and the team know how to use it.

    ensure your business continuity
  • Cloud Security

    Downtime due to data loss and technological hiccups can be extremely costly for your business. By mitigating risk and ensuring continuity, our solutions are designed to protect productivity.

    Our workplace recovery hardware will help you get back up and running instantly but it is the cloud that is offering the biggest opportunity for fast RTO and significant cost savings.

    Cloud based DR and Back up services offer more than a secure data environment and accessible systems. The cost savings enjoyed by our clients are significant when factoring in the cost of maintaining facilities and the resource cost of maintaining and updating hardware and software when delivery could be on a compute only basis.

    cloud security
  • Reputation protection

    Recovering from a disaster is a challenge; recovering from damage to your reputation can be impossible. Failure of service provision or compromises to data integrity and security have significant impacts – on consumers’ perception of your brand and on the markets perception of you.

    The costs and risks of cyber security and continuity provision are only going to grow – driven by an increasing volume of sensitive data is being gathered, new channels of access are being opened and increasing expectations of operational transparency.

    Historically DR was on the boardroom checklist. Today it should be at the top of the agenda.

    reputation protection
  • Get secure with Central

    From full system specification and consultation to ad hoc project work Central offers:

    • Penetration Testing
    • Email and web filtering
    • Business Continuity Services
    • Firewalls
    • Disaster Recovery
    • Mobile Device Management
    • Two Factor Authentication
    • Daily Early Notifier

    Our partners include Watchguard, Cisco ASA, Fusemail, Sophos, Veeam, Zerto, SRM and Surecloud.

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